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Mar 10, 2004

O'Reillys Lotus Domino Administration in a Nutshell

The bulk of Chapter 13 is online - covers Server Tasks and Console Commands

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Basic OpenFirmware

Check attached devices (in this case drives)

ok> probe-scsi

Use probe-ide on a non-scsi machine

To boot from the default device use

ok> boot

To boot from cdrom

ok> boot cdrom

To reset the system

ok> reset

To check current settings

ok> printenv

The two commands to switch to keyboard/screen are:

ok> setenv input-device keyboard

ok> setenv output-device screen

And the two commands for setting the serial console as the input/out are:

ok> setenv input-device ttya

ok> setenv output-device ttya

From the Sun OpenBoot Reference Manual

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