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Sep 15, 2004

Apple Newton

The original Apple Newton was introduced in 1993.

There is an excellent Newton timeline at the Newton Gallery.

What set the Newton apart from all other PDA's (past and present) was 'Newton Intelligence' - pervasive information sharing meant that you could enter 'meet john for lunch on thursday' and the Newton would enter the event into your calendar with Johns contact details from your address book.

Apple unfortunately discontinued the Newton in 1998.

A supportive community (revolving around the NewtonTalk List has kept alive the Newton platform.

Modern developments include wireless, PCMCIA ATA, Bluetooth support.

As the hardware starts to show its age efforts are being directed into emulationand/or Newton work-alikes. Examples include Green, Gnuton and the new Einstein project. Of these projects only Paul Guyot's would appear to stand much chance of moving beyond the prototype stage.

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