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May 21, 2004

Interesting Links

Spare 15 minutes for this fantastic summary of Troy.She also has a couple of other humourous 15 minute wrap ups of current films.

Useful statistics on the state of the world - What if you scaled the worlds population to 100 people and represented it as a Miniature Earth?

Useful book Open Source Development with CVS 3rd Edition is available online.

Advanced Windows file manager - A43 is Another Explorer Alternative. Personally I'm sticking with xplorer2 which seems more stable.

Useful now the sun is out - Summer Fashion Tips for Men from Women or Why Shorts are Bad.

Someone has created a Guide to some of Londons Best Grease Joints where you can get the traditional 'eggbaconchipsandbeans' in the URL.

This is nice - A Gentle introduction to SQL. Also shows you how to run common commands on common databases (MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2).

Another guide - Yet Another Perl Tutorial

Open Source bitmap to vector convertor - AutoTrace

Simple regex guide - which tool for which job - The Tao of Regular Expressions. Has simple examples on how to do the same search in sed, awk, grep, egrep and vi.

A few nice Visio (free) Stencils at VisioCafe. Bad layout obscures the fact that there are stencils for HP, EMC, SUN and SGI gear buried in here. This site is actually much more comprehensive (who knew people used Visio to create Dog Agility Stencils?).

These guys have built a Flash based rendition of a MacSE. More details in this Wired article.

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Interesting Links

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May 14, 2004

Interesting Links

Finally a Notes RSS Reader.

Links between People Who Rule. Bastards.

This is fantastic - a PowerPC Emulator that runs on x86 Linux. Look at the screenshots of OS X installing on an AMD machine.

Whatever happened to Clippy ?

Another one of those eternal questions - Why are there so few women in IT ? Quite a dense read but it does provide valuable insight into the issues.

I'm in IT so I'm biased but still - Does IT Matter ?

And the answer is - Yes.

Converging technology - Broadcoms new ethernet NIC will feature iSCSI.

Hows this for cheap storage - The PetaBox.

A Java based Spectrum emulator.

Pine adoption rate by year. Matches the growth curve of the internet and tracks the rise & fall (and rise) of Unix over the years.

A good DOS based Network Boot Disk is essential.

The rather seriosly titled Social Issues Research Centre has published a easily digestible and humorous Guide to British Pub Etiquette.

IBM have a SAN technology called Storage Tank. More infromation here.

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May 13, 2004

Interesting Links

The GUIGuidebook has various interfaces over the years.

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