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Aug 29, 2004

Interesting Links

The ever excellent BBC has a specialist Cult Comic subsite featuring 2000AD.

Canned MRTG Recipes. Useful for graphing LAN traffic.

The ultimate mini-computer Cubit. Comes prebuilt or you can DIY.

Great insights into various Professional Tricks of the Trade.

My favourite font is probably Helvitica. Not Arial.

If you grew up in the 80's then you'd remember the Transformers - now available as Paperformers you can cut out and make yourself.

Ian Banks new sci-fi novel - The Algebraist. Unfortunately not a Culture novel but it still looks pretty good.

Safe alternatives to IE - BrowseHappy. Plugging Firefox, Mozilla, Opera and Safari.

Very interesting CSS Tips.

Webdev tool - Quick Web UI Mockups.

Alternative Windows Authentication backend - pGina. Allows LDAP, Radius, NIS authentication via plugin archetecture.

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Aug 19, 2004


Sourceforge project - Ultimate Boot CD.

Shell tips - Scripting in 20 pages.

Emacs book - The Craft of Text Editing.

Encryption - Free on the fly windows crypto.

Solaris resource - Perform network boot image for Solaris.

Ongoing games retrospective - The most important games ever.

Unix resource - Solaris Tips.

Nice LinuxWorld article - SNMP Information.

Useful web page - Create custom crontab entries.

As seen on stevenf, CocoaBooklet will turn a PDF into a booklet.

Unsurprising - Survival Graph for Unpatched Windows System has now dropped to just 20 minutes!

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Aug 10, 2004

Interesting Links

A Sun engineer writes about the perils of handling a glitch in a demo. DTrace looks kind of useful too.

Cautionary tale - Automated Penetration Testing - False Sense of Security.

Ever felt the need to change your Ethernet MAC Address on the fly ? Use MACshift.

More American Paranioa - Coffin Bed.

Fantastic 50's Style TV Casemod.

The best Mac mini-itx case mod I've seen to date - Mac ITX.

Nice collection of freeware web tools - Web Design Applications. Includes editor and screen capture utilities.

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Interesting Links

The original research paper that led to google. I remember showing it to students when it was still covered in lego.

Part of a continuing series of articles on outliners - About This Particular Mac (or ATPM) havean excellent piece on Mind Mapping Outliners.

Useful sed one-liners.

Enlightening piece on How Microsoft Develops Software from a Microsoft Developer.

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