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Jan 31, 2005

Interesting Links

Makes sense to me - Why everyone can't hire the top 1% of developers.

Before the Simpsons - Matt Groening Apple Ad.

Excellent resource for Music buffs - Rate Your Music. Heres a list of albums I own.

Stream iTunes to your PocketPC - WiFiTunes.

Flash demonstration of GNUstep Application Development. Looks easy.

Another LDAP based tool to maintain a central authentication repository for Linux, Unix and Windows - XAD Identity Server.

Not everything Apple has created has been a success - Top 10 Mac Failures .

Build your own Knoppix style bootable CD using this GUI tool - LiveCD. Select packages, customise various templates and then generate a bootable iso image.

What more could a person ask for - M&M Sorter. I guess it works for Pebbles and Smarties too.

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Jan 27, 2005

Interesting Links

As the mini-Mac has started shipping there are a few excellent reviews that have started to appear - A mini-guide to Mac OS X for new Mini owners and AnandTech: Apple's Mac mini - Tempting PC Users Everywhere.

The Open Sourcing of Solaris has begun at The first component released is the DTRace tool.

Fascinating - NewsForge | Firebird targets the enterprise database. There is a Firebird Project underway to provide an Oracle PL/SQL emulation layer to help provide an Open Source alternative supported database to Oracle.

Some small but useful Mac OS X utilities - particularly Spark.

Application for Mac OS X to allow your phone to act as an answering machine - OVOLAB - Phlink.

Useful FreeBSD tool - Logmon. Allows you to monitor multiple Unix logfiles simultaneously.

OpenOffice Base - NewsForge | database application: A first look review.

Donationware - HornWare: SharePoints. Allows you to easily create Mac OS X shares from any directory.

Useful - MSI Packaging Tools.

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Jan 23, 2005

Interesting Links

Mac OSX home automation software - indigo. Allows you to control X10 devices from your PC.

A cheap household wind generator - WindSave.

Dariusz Stanislawek has some Tiny Freeware. Plenty of windows utilities for encryption and signing.

A must read for application packaging people - AppDeploy.

Interesting - Seven steps to handling any situation effectively.

Freeware - Operating Systems Handbook. A little out of date (1994) but the information on getting simple things done in VMS and OS/400 is still very useful.

Brad Choates OS X Inventory.

Get a free OpenVMS account with DeathRow.

Get a free OpenBSD account with Metawire.

Apple finally start helping Enterprise Admins - Active Directory Integration for OS X.

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Jan 20, 2005

Interesting Links

Nifty guide to User Mode Linux - Howto for UML. UML lets you run multiple virtual Linux machines on a single server in 'user mode' - as an application process rather than a single server utilising all of the hardware.

Windows clustering - Understanding How Cluster Quorums Work.

Only in Japan - Giant Red Self Destruct Button.

WTF - Defense Tech: AMERICA'S IRAN RAIDS ?!?!

At last something genuinely useful - Cliche Finder.

Humour - One does not simply walk into Mordor. Animated gif - watch it all the way through.

The net is full of opinions on the mini-Mac - this one seems to sum it up nicely - Mac mini - the "just enough" computer. It should be noted that there are two PC manufacturers that also make 'small' PC's - cappuccinopc and Logisys. Unfortunately both lack the style of the Mac (or anything else by Apple).

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Jan 18, 2005

Interesting Links

A must read for Ruby and surrealist fans is whytheluckystiff who wrote the excellent Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby and has now created hobix which is a Ruby based blogging engine.

Nice hierarchical drive navigation menu for Windows Exmenu.

Mark Taw has collected his Favorite Smallware. And for the Mac - 43 Folders: MacOSX Inventory Collections.

One day I'll get my favourite keyboard - IBM model M keyboards. You can even get these classic devices with built in trackballs and thumbsticks.

Why this hasn't hit the mainstream I don't know - its certainly evidence of what home automation will be like in the very near future. Home Monitor on a Cell Phone was knocked up in 5hrs for a contest in 2001 and needless to say actually won the developer a new BMW.

An excellent explanation of Apple's Tipping Point: Macs for the Masses.

Very cool idea for a tree house - Free Spirit Sphere's. Bet they're not cheap.

These actually do sound pretty relaxing - Nippaz With Attitude - Music CD albums in a lullaby style for babies.

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Bands and Record Labels

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Jan 11, 2005


My favourite computer manufacturer has great news:

Apple announce mini-Mac.

Apple announce flash-iPod.

Both links to Russel Beatties site as no one else seems to have images of these gadgets up yet (8.04am 12-Jan-04 NZ time).

I'm sure more details will be made available on the Apple site soon.

Apples site has been updated - ipodshuffle and the macmini.

I'm not convinced by the flash-iPod but the mini-Mac is genium. It almost looks like they ripped off some mini-itx case design.

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Jan 10, 2005

Interesting Links

Insight into being a company CIO - What It's Like To Be You.

Excellent security advice - The "Higher Security Mindset" - Seven Best Practices to Keep you Safe.

300 free fonts - Essential Fonts For Designers.

Interesting - Tuning The Kernel With A Genetic Algorithm. A lot of the discussion is over my head but a self tuning OS would be cool.

All sorts of useful Windows Active Directory scripts from Hilltop Labs.

This has been very favorably reviewed when compared to Adaware and Spybot but then thats only to be expected given Microsofts insider knowledge - Windows AntiSpyware (Beta).

Take a look at the screenshots at the Einstein Project. Amazing to see an emulated Newt in action!

Verify your network identity - NetMesh: Light-Weight Digital Identity (LID).

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Jan 07, 2005

Interesting Links

Good to see this stuff is becoming easier and easier to do - Linux-Windows Single Sign-On. The terminology isn't quite right - SSO means login once to access multiple systems rather than being prompted to login to multiple systems with one login (I guess thats Consolidated Authentication).

Some nice desktop backgrounds from the guy who designed the Firefox and Thunderbird icons.

Seems quite convoluted but its still interesting - Repartitioning FreeBSD remotely.

Nice images of microscopic things - Eye of Science.

Some very valid points - Companies Should Rotate Their Sysadmins Every Couple Years.

Words to try and avoid using in 2005 - Forbidden Words Flagger based on an earlier list compiled by Matt Groening Forbidden words 2000.

A freeware MacOS X Bluetooth/Phone integrator - Romeo.

An animated paean to procrastination - Gotta Get My Stuff Done.

Brief insight into building a Linux distro.

A good looking freeware mspaint replacement - Paint.NET. Utilises the .Net framework so make sure you install the .Net Runtime too.

A great compilation of Optical Illusions.

Welcome to the - Retro Future.

One of my favourite authors is Iain (aka Iain M.) Banks. I'm about to start reading his new novel 'The Algebraist' - heres a review.

I've actually started reading China Mievilles 'Iron Council' - the Washington Post has a favourable review.

China Mieville compiled this list of Fifty Fantasy & Science Fiction Works That Socialists Should Read.

Another of my favourite authors - Stephen R. Donaldson has just released the first ('Runes of the Earth') in a followup series to the Thomas Covenant Chronicles. I think I'll wait for the paper-back edition.

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