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Apr 30, 2004

Interesting Links

Bluetooth Caller ID for Mac OS X

A good 'Best of' Freeware Compilation

Website downloader - HTTrack

A nice minimalist Postit app

A great troubleshooting app - Filemon

VMWare users can move vm machines live from one server to another using Vmotion (VMWare ESX only unfortunately)

Take Quick Notes in Firebird

Big ass fans - the Company produces just what the company name suggests it does

C64 Games on a joystick

A nice shockwave guide to DFS

How to do an AD restore from backup media

Slightly insane belt driven watch from Taghuer

For Matrix-nuts check out these Japanese trailers Casshern - live action anime and Appleseed - anime

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Apr 24, 2004

Interesting Storage Information

Advancements in NFS - version 4 is in development. Read about it here and here.

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Apr 23, 2004

Weekley Links

Who needs Garageband when you have sndrec32.exe ?

Basic perl for SysAdmins

Free BareGrep & BareTail - Windows GUI versions of Unix utilities

A nice CFengine overview from O'Reilly / Onlamp

HTML editor - Nvu - mozilla Composer based standalone wysiwyg html editor

Study of terrorists and technology

Before the web existed there was gopher

Best of 2004 freeware from Pricelessware

Tiny USB Hard-drive

This has been done before but its still pretty cool - dial a website IP address

The ultimate no nonsense toilet paper

Securing a fresh linux install parts one, two and three

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Apr 16, 2004

Weekly Links

IT Manager - The Game (I kid you not)

Wolfenstien style FPS in 5k of javascript

Usually deathly boring but the java visualisations make these search algorithm comparisons interesting (precis - brute force search took 24 attempts; the Alpha-skip algorighm took only 4 attempts to find the match)

Another aptly named antispam tool - read only mail address for site signups

Control a robot using a Nintendo Gameboy as a microcontroller

A 3D FPS in 96kb - I can't get it to run but then my hardware may not be up to spec

Pretty cool - Port Knocking - lock down a machine; then 'knock' ports in a particular sequence to enable ssh access

A look back at user interfaces across many many different platforms at the GUI Guidebook

Nice timeline too, to compare various UI elements on various OS's

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Apr 14, 2004

Interesting Links

Cool Freeware Enhanced Notepad/Outliner - Keynote autosaves -> very useful for dumping information in a semi structured way

How google can do what google does - Google-tech

For the yuppie in us all - great interior design 'stuff' from mocoloco

Creatures has been moved online and its now free

Netcat - useful utilities for Unix/Win32 - lets you setup client/server tests for almost everything with this simple command line tool

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Computer Forensics (Updated 04/05/05)

The Sleuthkit lets you carry out an 'exam' on a comprimised or suspect system.

Dana Epp has written about performing a forensic exam on a comprimised Linux system.

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Apr 05, 2004

Interesting Links

NEC Labs have some cool stuff in the pipeline.

MIT Virtual Paintbrush - Allows children to 'pick' colours from surrounding objects and paint them onto a screen. Take a look at it here.

A nice (almost layman-like) look at building a cluster of web servers providing load-balancing hvailable here.

Palm Paint Applications

MoePaint PixMarker

Slightly creepy - sculptures made from artificial human skin

In case you missed this on slashdot last week - the Nanode was released (design is by the UK company that created the Cubit)

Use Microsofts PowerTools for XP - they're actually really useful.

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