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Oct 29, 2004

Interesting Links

These updates may be a little more infrequent now I'm back working again.

With the US elections looming next week Mark Perkel has made Fahrenheit 9/11 available as a free download - everyone needs to see this movie.

Another nice article on the 64-bit PowerPC Architecture.

If you're a Windows user that wants a few Mac-like features or a Mac user stuck in a Windows world here are some ideas on making your Windows PC work like a Mac.

This is amazing - dual and quad processor mini-itx motherboards from Via.

Geek-chic - a coffee-table book of retro computers - if you're a fan of the Osborne, Spectrum, Commodore era of computing then check out Digital Retro by Gordon Laing.

A nice howto - Install WordPress on a Windows machine. WordPress is a blog engine - its recently come into favour as people have moved away from MovableType over licensing issues.

A brief article on Building an Enterprise Linux Cluster solution.

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Oct 22, 2004

Interesting Links

Free the world from mindless tv - One button remote.

Interesting miniature power source idea - Turbine on a chip.

Its a Unix so I'm not sure why this surprises me but it did - Compile your own Mac OS X kernel.

Friday humour - If Architects were Web Developers.

Some useful tips - Unix One Liners.

More useful user-friendly tips for Regular Expressions.

Useful Windows 2003 information - Understanding mixed and native mode.

Truly a momentous occassion - All Tommorrows Parties will be curated by Slint!!. For those not in the know Slint were an early 90's band whose recorded work is utterly fantastic - particularly their 'Spiderland' LP.

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Oct 18, 2004

Power vs Itanium

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Oct 12, 2004

Interesting Links

Still looking for an easy to setup wiki - Instiki might be for you. Only requires Ruby (no apache or mysql required).

A nice guide to using the OpenPBS queue system to manage your cluster compute jobs.

Sounds like a Solaris nightmare scenario but this brief article does offer some advice - What to do if your mirrored disks both report errors ?.

Public Key Infrastructure - Ten things I wish they'd warned me about.

Another nice step by step guide to CSS.

Another one of those "we're almost there" technologies - Mind control interface for computers (obviously not a computer that controls minds but an interface to allow thoughts to control a computer).

Cribbed from Tim Bray - Phil Agre's Home Page contains some nice articles that look to be great background reading material for all IT Professionals. Including the perennial problem - "How to help someone use a computer".

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Oct 07, 2004

Interesting Links

The dynamic web-content tool - Laszlo - has gone opensource. One more thing to add to my list of web technologies to experiment with.

One of my favourite 'IT Tool' sites is TinyApps - the site specialises in small tools (<1Mb) which do simple tasks well - current tools featured include Stand-Alone-Tools, SiteSucker, Text Generator and Windows Tools on CD.

My favourite quotation of recent days - from Vladimir Nabokov. Taken from the Quote of the Day site.

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Oct 05, 2004

Microsoft HR Blogs

Two great web-logs by Microsoft HR staff providing an interesting insight into interview techniques and what it takes to work for the Seattle Behemoth (no not Boeing). JobsBlog and Heather Leighs Marketing Blog.

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Nice article on iSCSI to demonstrate its cost-effectiveness at LinuxGazette. A little light on detail unfortunately but some interesting ideas nonetheless.

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