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Nov 05, 2004

Interesting Links

If you're interested in just how close the US 2004 election was - check this map which displays votes in shades rather than blue/red. Meanwhile Milk & Cheese sum up the general feeling regarding the results.

Interesting - Security Configuration Guides from the NSA on Operating Systems, Databases, Routers, Switches and Web Servers.

Now I'm in a Windows-centric world - this guide to using netsh to carry out network admin tasks is invaluable.

On a related note - cool stuff you will be able to do with Microsofts new shell for server administration - Monad.

The DoJ in the US will be releasing a series of documents on Electronic Crime Scene Investigation - more information at Dana Epps weblog which has a strong forensic/security focus.

A great post about why web services are better than applications for many tasks from ex-Microsoftie and current Googler Adam Bosworth.

A fascinating Word of the Day - Zabernism.

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