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Nov 14, 2004

Interesting Links

Web development resource - Open Source Web Design.

Part of a more comprehensive review of a new Mac OS X personal-library application called Delicious Library, this particular section outlines why Mac users have such high expectations from application creators.

For font fans - The Scourge of Arial includes how to spot the font and why it has gained such widespread use inspite of its inferiority.

An overview of Suns new Niagra processor.

If you're after a nice full featured and open source vector drawing package try Inkscape. Note theres also a Windows port.

Linux - making sense of all of those startup messages that fly by at boot time.

I wish I read Japanese - apparently this RSS reader allows you to drag 'n drop XML/RDF subscriptions onto the cute furry creature to subscribe and then it will read (onscreen or aloud) out the news as it updates each subscription.

Interesting - Using Kerberos to Authenticate Linux clients against Active Directory.

I'm unsure if any of these lessons are being put to good use by the US Military - Russian Lessons from the Battle for Grozny. For excellent information and analysis on defence issue or the rise in guerrilla insurgency check out John Robbs weblog and DefenseTech.

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