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Nov 22, 2004

Interesting Links

This open-source tool provides similar functionality to Salling Clicker on the Mac - FMA for Windows. It allows you to access your Bluetooth enabled phone (particularly the T610) from your Windows PC.

A pretty simple article but the juicy stuff is in the links to running partitioned Linux servers alongside AIX - take a look - Installing Linux on an IBM pSeries server.

Interesting but not surprising - Novell Linux Desktop review indicates its not quite ready for primetime with a few rough edges. If you didn't already know Novell bought SuSE. I guess it'll take a few iterations before it has that slick look to it that users are accustomed to in a 'corporate' product. And that enormous 'N' has to go . . .

A good introduction to Open Firmware. I'd originally thought this was just an Apple invention but it appears to have originated at Sun.

Emulation - a little light on detail but this brief article shows you how to Emulate CP/M and OpenVMS on Linux.

This is cool example of why a mainframe class OS still has life left in it yet - Simulate OpenBSD on a Vax using SIMH.

This story has been linked by many many sites but its to good to miss so - The Audion Story. A glimpse into the workings of a small Mac developers product from conception through to the release of Audion as freeware.

Audio recordings of somewhere else - One Minute Vacation.

Nifty and simple web based whiteboard - Webnote. The cool thing about it is that it also supports an XML feed so you can use it as a common 'post-board' which people can subscribe to and receive updates from.

Filched from Gizmodo - a small database of Japanese Consumer Design. Nice pictures of Nakamichi, Onkyo, Yamaha and other brands through the ages. The 70's weren't so tasteless afterall but I still maintain the vertical record player was a bad idea.

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