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Nov 29, 2004

Cell Processor

A glimpse at IBM's new 'Cell Processor' - this will power the new Playstation 3.

The BBC also have a brief article on it.

"capable of handling 16 trillion floating point operations, or calculations, every second"

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Interesting Links

Wired is running a Whatever happened to SGI ? story. Nice comparison with the Mac community.

Introduction to 64-bit Windows on Opteron/Itanium hardware.

An insight into the IBM Power Architecture. Also some very brief details on Power7 - it looks like IBM really will smoke the opposition in the Unix (primarily Sun and HP) marketplace.

Fan of classic cellphones - Retrofone has something to meet all your needs.

Quick backup solution - Rsync Snapshots.

The ongoing hunt for the perfect Windows - Sticky. Having come back to Outlook I can safely say that its 'Notes' feature is terrible compared to the flexibility offered by Mac OS Stickies.

Useful - WordWeb is a free 'lite' Dictionary/Thesaurus for Windows.

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