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Jan 07, 2005

Interesting Links

Good to see this stuff is becoming easier and easier to do - Linux-Windows Single Sign-On. The terminology isn't quite right - SSO means login once to access multiple systems rather than being prompted to login to multiple systems with one login (I guess thats Consolidated Authentication).

Some nice desktop backgrounds from the guy who designed the Firefox and Thunderbird icons.

Seems quite convoluted but its still interesting - Repartitioning FreeBSD remotely.

Nice images of microscopic things - Eye of Science.

Some very valid points - Companies Should Rotate Their Sysadmins Every Couple Years.

Words to try and avoid using in 2005 - Forbidden Words Flagger based on an earlier list compiled by Matt Groening Forbidden words 2000.

A freeware MacOS X Bluetooth/Phone integrator - Romeo.

An animated paean to procrastination - Gotta Get My Stuff Done.

Brief insight into building a Linux distro.

A good looking freeware mspaint replacement - Paint.NET. Utilises the .Net framework so make sure you install the .Net Runtime too.

A great compilation of Optical Illusions.

Welcome to the - Retro Future.

One of my favourite authors is Iain (aka Iain M.) Banks. I'm about to start reading his new novel 'The Algebraist' - heres a review.

I've actually started reading China Mievilles 'Iron Council' - the Washington Post has a favourable review.

China Mieville compiled this list of Fifty Fantasy & Science Fiction Works That Socialists Should Read.

Another of my favourite authors - Stephen R. Donaldson has just released the first ('Runes of the Earth') in a followup series to the Thomas Covenant Chronicles. I think I'll wait for the paper-back edition.

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