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Jan 10, 2005

Interesting Links

Insight into being a company CIO - What It's Like To Be You.

Excellent security advice - The "Higher Security Mindset" - Seven Best Practices to Keep you Safe.

300 free fonts - Essential Fonts For Designers.

Interesting - Tuning The Kernel With A Genetic Algorithm. A lot of the discussion is over my head but a self tuning OS would be cool.

All sorts of useful Windows Active Directory scripts from Hilltop Labs.

This has been very favorably reviewed when compared to Adaware and Spybot but then thats only to be expected given Microsofts insider knowledge - Windows AntiSpyware (Beta).

Take a look at the screenshots at the Einstein Project. Amazing to see an emulated Newt in action!

Verify your network identity - NetMesh: Light-Weight Digital Identity (LID).

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