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Jan 18, 2005

Interesting Links

A must read for Ruby and surrealist fans is whytheluckystiff who wrote the excellent Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby and has now created hobix which is a Ruby based blogging engine.

Nice hierarchical drive navigation menu for Windows Exmenu.

Mark Taw has collected his Favorite Smallware. And for the Mac - 43 Folders: MacOSX Inventory Collections.

One day I'll get my favourite keyboard - IBM model M keyboards. You can even get these classic devices with built in trackballs and thumbsticks.

Why this hasn't hit the mainstream I don't know - its certainly evidence of what home automation will be like in the very near future. Home Monitor on a Cell Phone was knocked up in 5hrs for a contest in 2001 and needless to say actually won the developer a new BMW.

An excellent explanation of Apple's Tipping Point: Macs for the Masses.

Very cool idea for a tree house - Free Spirit Sphere's. Bet they're not cheap.

These actually do sound pretty relaxing - Nippaz With Attitude - Music CD albums in a lullaby style for babies.

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