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Jan 27, 2005

Interesting Links

As the mini-Mac has started shipping there are a few excellent reviews that have started to appear - A mini-guide to Mac OS X for new Mini owners and AnandTech: Apple's Mac mini - Tempting PC Users Everywhere.

The Open Sourcing of Solaris has begun at The first component released is the DTRace tool.

Fascinating - NewsForge | Firebird targets the enterprise database. There is a Firebird Project underway to provide an Oracle PL/SQL emulation layer to help provide an Open Source alternative supported database to Oracle.

Some small but useful Mac OS X utilities - particularly Spark.

Application for Mac OS X to allow your phone to act as an answering machine - OVOLAB - Phlink.

Useful FreeBSD tool - Logmon. Allows you to monitor multiple Unix logfiles simultaneously.

OpenOffice Base - NewsForge | database application: A first look review.

Donationware - HornWare: SharePoints. Allows you to easily create Mac OS X shares from any directory.

Useful - MSI Packaging Tools.

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