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Jan 31, 2005

Interesting Links

Makes sense to me - Why everyone can't hire the top 1% of developers.

Before the Simpsons - Matt Groening Apple Ad.

Excellent resource for Music buffs - Rate Your Music. Heres a list of albums I own.

Stream iTunes to your PocketPC - WiFiTunes.

Flash demonstration of GNUstep Application Development. Looks easy.

Another LDAP based tool to maintain a central authentication repository for Linux, Unix and Windows - XAD Identity Server.

Not everything Apple has created has been a success - Top 10 Mac Failures .

Build your own Knoppix style bootable CD using this GUI tool - LiveCD. Select packages, customise various templates and then generate a bootable iso image.

What more could a person ask for - M&M Sorter. I guess it works for Pebbles and Smarties too.

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