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Feb 05, 2005

Interesting Links

I always knew the stock market relied a lot on luck - Random Trading Good Predictor of Market Behavior, Study Shows.

Useful windows tips - Working with Roaming User Profiles. On todays fast LANS this works quite well especially with folder redirection.

Linux clustering using IBM Power5 hardware - Introduction to clustering on IBM eServer OpenPower 710.

A series on how to turn your mini-Mac into an ISP in a Box.

Palm powered - Fossil Wrist Pda.

Two interesting hardware RAID solutions for workstations and servers - Accusys-store and DataProtection Solutions by Arco. No software drivers required.

Use knoppix to create an Internet Lounge.

I love the three sox in a pair concept - Onkar Singh Kular / Product Designer (1974-).

Use this for grubby monitors

Pet peeve - Continuing decline in Mac OS GUI consistancy.

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