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Feb 09, 2005

Interesting Links

Neat stuff as found on TinyApps - Windows backup freeware:SyncBack, Windows software install monitor InstallSpy v2.0.

A nice piece of subversion - Watch out for Zogg!. Christian childrens book caption turned into a cautionary tale of alien invasion.

From the 2004 Annual Meeting - State of NetBSD.

Joel Spolsky has an evolving document on setting up a colocated server farm.

Impressive display of 3D integration in real-time for the real-world - Total Immersions D'Fusion Technology.

I have terrible handwriting but I definitely need to get a moleskin notebook. For the uninitiated - Moleskine History.

Useful toolset for admins - Must-have applications for managing an enterprise Linux shop.

Another great IBM article - Build a heterogeneous cluster with coLinux and openMosix.

IBM are also on a roll with their new cell processor - Wired News: New Chip to Challenge Intel. More details - Introducing the IBM/Sony/Toshiba Cell Processor and IBM, Sony, Toshiba present Cell. FYI - the cell processor will power Sonys PS3.

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