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Feb 16, 2005

GFI Mail Archiver

Slightly Bigbrother-esque but I can see many organisations needing this level of accessible transparency - GFI Mail Archiver. Essentially archives all email sent and received to an Exchange server in an SQL database and makes it accessible via a web interface.

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Interesting Links

Rather amusing look at the perils of creating a groupware tool from jwz (of Netscape and X screensaver fame) in relation to Novells new Hula server.

Tim Bray points out that Sun works primarily via email, phone, IM and wiki.

This is already linked all over the web but Amazon have the new Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy trailer.

Another windows freeware site - Portable Freeware - with a focus on software that doesn't need to be installed or can be installed and then safely moved somewhere else and run (eg a c:\bin directory for small tools). The best tool on this page has to be Wink which lets you create shockwave movies from screen captures - note that vnc2swf does a similar thing for Unix.

Great advice on How to Pitch an Idea.

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