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Feb 21, 2005

Interesting Links

'Magic stuff happens' - why computing methodologies often fall victim to a common problem when documenting or describing key procedures.

MobilePC has an excellent list of the Top 100 Gadgets.

Howto - Firewalling with OpenBSD PF (Packet Filter).

Fascinating - an Illustrated Guide to Cryptographic Hacking.

Two articles on wood burning heaters and stoves. Kevin Kellys Cool Tools site has some 'One foot wonders' that occupy a minimum of space and are super efficient. Meta-efficient also has an article on Efficient Wood Burning Stoves.

This looks like a fascinating concept - The Brain EKP. The demo looks great but I bet it costs an absolute arm and a leg and requires a huge amount of customisation, ongoing support and maintenance. I wonder what the backend tools are like - eg can a normal Sysadmin easily extend the product to other information stores ?

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