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Feb 23, 2005

Why ?

'Why' is either a complete loon or an utter genius.

In addition to writing Whys (Poignant) Guide to Ruby he has recently created Hobix which is a Ruby based weblog engine. Hobix seems to borrow heavily from the Keep It Simple Stupid philosphy of Blosxom with a few wonderful twists (your weblog is referred to as a 'blahhg'). Nice to see someone has a sense of humour about this type of thing.

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A couple of cool Wiki tools that require minimal skills to get up and running

  • Ruby based Instiki. Instiki is completely selfcontained and doesn't need apache or sql to serve or backend the wiki - you just need Ruby installed.
  • Self contained CSS/Javascript Tiddlywiki.

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Interesting Links

A timely howto - Using SSH and RSYNC to backup data across a network.

Engadget are running a great little article on how to setup your Mac or PC to act as a simple home-security system using a webcam. Its actually a little disappointing how hard something like this is to implement - why do many webcam server implement email, streaming and ftp but no support for secure copy or ftp and they often have a really lacklustre html gallery feature.

A colleague implemented something similar to this and it was amazing to behold - sortable html tables.

An excellent IBM article on tips towards Porting Enterprise Unix Apps to Linux.

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