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May 04, 2005


A nice guide to Lotus Notes trivia on Ed Brills blog. As a result of this someone posted a screenshot of a Domino 6 Server Easter Egg.

A nice step-by-step guide to Installing Debian Sarge (3.1).

For gardeners or green-graffiti artists - Moss Graffiti.

In the old days (early 90's) before the internet took off and Google-images existed people used to horde and collect clip-art for re-use. Theres a great 50's/60's themed collection at Tack-o-Rama.

A useful Windows tip - if you've ever had to delete a file that has a process lock on it even though the application itself has died then use the excellent Sysinternals ProcessExplorer to kill the process-tree and kill the file-lock.

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