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Nov 13, 2005

Copland + More

As well as being a famous Composer, Copland was also the name of Apples never completed successor to System 7.x - Lowendmac has a brief rundown on its history.

Alan Moore has some interesting things to say about the comic industry and terrorism.

A nifty Unix emulator in javascript.

Comms - All you ever wanted to know about a T1 but were afraid to ask.

Great collection of Optical Illusions.

The Ultimate Serial/Crossover Lead.

Tim Bray discusses Word-blues - I had a similar problem updating my CV. In the end I tried to keep edits in OpenOffice but the evil recruiters want it in Word rather than PDF. Word does suck mightily for this type of stuff. First pass on a document is usually simple its the ongoing maintenance that drives you nuts. Tim also revamped his Resume in html/css which looks pretty tidy - he's posted his resume template online too.

A collection of handy sed one liners. Sed/Awk/Grep are all horribly useful but my Regex skills are pretty woeful so I usually find it more hassle to find the pattern and match it than do it the painful way in a text editor, Word or Excel.

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Spleeeeeen (as Ren & Stimpy would say)

Probably one in a series of grumpy-old-man type rants

* People that press the 'cross' button at a pedestrian crossing repeatedly or after its already been pressed once under the the mis-guided belief that this will make the light change any faster than it normally would.

* People waiting for lifts that do the same thing.

* People that ride a lift up one or two floors and down two or three floor - use the stairs!

* People that overtake you (either walking or in a car) and then slow down to the point where there was no point them overtaking in the first place.

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Brendan McCarthy

Brendan collaborated on one of the greatest comics of all time - Rogan Gosh. This site collects together information about his career and samples of his work.

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Paper Macs + More

For those of us that can't actually afford the real thing here are some Paper Macs.

Wiki - TiddlyWiki really seems to be progressing nicely. TiddlyWikiTutorial shows you the basics.

All sorts of cool stuff over at Information Aesthetics. Lots of different techniques and technologies for visualising information.

Over at Lifehack - Over 100 Quick/Easy Healthy Foods.

For the geek who has everything how about a Coffee-cup Mouse.

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Linkies (Updated 28/05/05)

Recently finished Ken MacLeods book 'Newtons Wake'. Pretty good stuff. I'll be trying some more of his books along with some other related hard sci-fi authors - Charles Stross and Alistair Reynolds. PS - my ex-boss (hi Rob!) heartily recommends Alastair Reynolds work too.

Excellent Article about some of the changes in OpenBSD 3.7. Shame to see they don't appear to be getting any recognition for their work on OpenSSH or their fixes to Apache.

Nice PalmOne Lifedrive review. Doesn't really go into its potential as a multi-media powerhouse. Apple really does need to look out or the iPod will be left behind by the competition.

Yet another switcher - Security expert gets fed up with Windows and moves his company over to the Mac. Documents the switch here. Love the bit about the new Intel CEO spending some time each week removing spyware from his daughters PC. Then again the problems described could be avoided by using any OS other than Windows. Also cheap hardware has its place. Lest we forget the hideously overpriced, underperforming Macs of the late 80's and 90's.

Databases - A bunch of useful MySQL Tips.

This looks cool - RetroBox sells ex-corp IT hardware. Some nice deals.

Nice - Hacking Amazon Images.

Humour - Alternate covers for sappy romance novels. The funny thing is you could do the same with most trashy sci-fi/fantasy cover art too.

Super-geeky - via BoingBoing comes a vi command reference on a mug. On a related note BoingBoing creator Cory Doctorows favourite t-shirts.

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Blosxom Plugins

Bear with me as I experiment with the Reading Room in the right sidebar (note I haven't added my own books in yet - these are just the default ones).

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Obsolete Hardware & Software

At the moment this is just a place-holder for my interest in 'old & quirky' equipment.

For example the Apple Newton, 3Com Audrey - both failures from a commercial stand-point but both remarkable technologies for their time. Both also have strong user-communities working to enhance the platforms.

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Interesting Links

Learn about how computers work by Building an Apple I Computer.

Interesting use for a Palm - use it as a CPU display for your PC with PalmOrb.

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"Hannover" - The next (post 7.0) version of Lotus Notes

Ed Brill discusses the new features in the next version of Notes nicknamed "Hannover". Looks pretty cool. They still insist on the custom widgets which means you always get a slight disconnect when switching from Notes to another Windows app but this gui is starting to more closely resemble Office 2003 / Longhorn - based on these screenshots.

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Useful CVS Links

A good Introduction to CVS

A followup article on CVS Administration

OReilly has compiled some CVS Tips

Nice Feature comparison of Source Control Systems

What is Subversion ?

There is also a Tortoise SVN Client which integrates with Windows Explorer.

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Looks like a great perl GUI toolkit front-end - Sprog. The article demonstrates who to put a Sprog filter together to turn a web based phone list into an LDIF (LDAP Interchange Format) file. Sprog sourceforge project is here.

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Are there any to see?

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Woot! First post.

Testing blosxom.

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