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Dec 01, 2005

Security Updates + More

Adminfoo updated their Nine Principles of Security with some additional (very useful) reader commentary.

Introduction to Sed - I love these guides but my brain still can't get around regex.

Some excellent Ren & Stimpy Sketches - particularly for those that remember the rubber-nipple salesman episode. I can't believe this was childrens television back in the early 90's.

Tim Bray writes on his experiences installing different operating systems onto his Sun Ultra 20

Nice idea - Fake Beer Belly.

Fantastic traffic-calming for urban areas.

Looks like a useful command - mirdir.

Nice Christmas gift-idea - Solabeast. Simple kitset solar-power robot.

MAKE Magazines Gifts Mostly Under $100. The phidgets sound good and you can't go past the lego mindstorm (still very expensive though).

Nice news on the Home Automation on OS X front.

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More annoying stuff . . . Kiwi Drivers

Kiwi drivers are by far and away the most dangerous on the road in the world - sure other countries have bad drivers but mostly thats down to inner city chaos (Rome, Paris, Delhi etc). In NZ (I'm generalising horribly) drivers will barely indicate, swerve all over the road in an effort to gain an extra car-length, tailgate, speed and generally have appalling skills and road-manners. Visitors be warned!

Interesting thread on this in

I do wonder how the 16/17/18/19 year-old morons with their super-duper Evo's and Imprezza's can afford them though. I wonder if in a few years time they'll wish they'd bought a $500 mini instead and saved the rest to put a deposit on a house.


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