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Jan 31, 2007

Simple Way to Find Which Role is on Which Domain Controller

I'm sure there's a better way to do this but this works for me -

If you need to find which FSMO roles are held by which Domain Controllers, install the Server Support Tools from the Server CD.

Then run replmon.exe, add in your DC's and you can check replication status on various Active Directory objects. If you select the Properties for a DC you can view which DC in the domain holds a particular FSMO role.

Some more info on replmon.exe:

* Microsoft's Replmon Reference

* Replmon How-to

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PowerShell + More

Microsofts PowerShell (ex 'Monad'). I'll have to give it a go (can't be any worse than 'cmd') . . .

Cool - Gliffy - Web based Visio/Dia clone. Free (for now). A little rudimentary but most Visio diagrams are pretty basic anyway - you can also export as svg, jpg and png. If Google bought these guys and offered an 'appliance' or service with their existing mail, calander, word processor, spreadsheet, blog-engine and search engine they'd do pretty well.

Nasty - Micro Drones' Killer Intent. Swarms of killer drones with explosives - sounds like sci-fi.

These things are getting ridiculously small - Via's incredible shrinking mobo - Pico ITX. 1Ghz in a 10 x 7cm package!

I'd love one of these - Macintosh Collection. The basement could use a dart-board and pool-table but that might ruin the ambience ;-)

Handy advice for insomniacs - 10 Foods for a good nights sleep.

Interesting - Apple returns to the ARM for the iPhone (?)

Amusing - An elephant solves a multitude of problems. For anyone thats ever felt the need to waffle or add a touch of humour to their exam answers.

Funny and serious - Tom Scott - Aussie Water Problems. Australia has really really serious water problems.

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