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Apr 26, 2006

Eds Obituary

As a followup to the previous article I've also posted Eds Evening Standard obituary which is a wonderful and poignant piece of writing that goes some way towards describing what a cool guy he was.

My close friends and I had known Ed since starting high-school back in Form Three (1983) through the end of University and into work after that. He was a one of lifes genuine nice guys. Even though its been a long time since his death whenever Anzac day rolls around you can't help but feel theres an Ed-sized-hole in your life and wouldn't it be great if he were still around.

I actually wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now if it wasn't for Ed offering me the chance to cover for him at the College of Education when he started to undergo Chemo. What turned into a couple of months went on for a couple of years and a career in IT while Ed continued to undergo various treatments.

If there were more Ed Fahys in the world it would be a better place all round.

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Apr 24, 2006

Honest Ed

Its more than a decade since Ed Fahy died - he was a great friend and is still sorely missed by all those who new him.

I've added a new blosxom category and included a scan of a wonderful article that appeared in our local Palmerston North Evening Standard newspaper as Ed attempted to sell his old Morris 1100 (he had a knack for collecting old cars - lest we forget his ancient Vauxhall Wyvern). I figure once Google indexes and caches this post he'll achieve a kind of 'virtual' immortality.

Unfortunately Ed died as his cancer took hold about six months after this article was written - just before Anzac day.

So please spare a thought for those that have gone before us on this day of rememberance . . .

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