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Jun 18, 2007

New Header - Lyall Bay Map

I'm a big fan of maps - something about the attempt to capture geographic detail appeals to me. The map in the header is the South of Wellington centered on Lyall Bay. Its not a particularly exciting map other than the closeness of the contours indicates some pretty steep hills (certainly gives you a workout if you cycle around them). Also in the bottom right corner you can just see the The Atatürk Memorial which is a sobering reminder of the Gallipoli Campaign.

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Mar 13, 2007

New Header - Waikawa

The Marlborough Sounds from Waikawa Bay - the picture was taken from our Bach bedroom window. Lovely place and the weather was so good even I got sunburnt.

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Jan 30, 2007

New Header - Womens World Cup of Cycling Race Wellington 2006

Another new banner image of the Womens World Cup of Cycling courtesy of Wayne Fisk (aka Stickboy on Flickr). Wonderful motion blur.

Be sure to check out his other piccies on Flickr. Check out his 'toytown' Wellington images - they make the city center look like a model-train enthusiasts diorama.

On a related note - other friends have some great photos of recent trips on Flickr too - Runswithhandsinpockets and Fergy.

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Oct 23, 2006

New Header - Coromandel Peninsula

The Coromandel Peninsula from Whangapoua Road - the picture was taken at the roads highest point before dropping into the Coromandel township as we did a circuit of the region earlier this year (Pauanui to Cooks Bay to Coromandel, back through Thames and back across to Pauanui - about a 4 hour trip).

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Sep 15, 2006

New Header - Lyall Bay

Lyall Bay one spring morning (12 of September to be exact) as I was walking to catch the bus into work - the picture overlooks the bay from Melrose.

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Jul 30, 2006

New Header - Wharekauhau Lodge

New banner image of Wharekauhau courtesy of Wayne Fisk (aka Stickboy on Flickr).

My old employer generously awarded my partner and I a nights stay at the Wharekauhau Luxury Lodge a few months back. Wayne was a recipient of the same Management award for services rendered to one of our clients - he visited the lodge about a month after we did and took the picture which I cropped for the banner.

Definitely a lovely place - its about 90min drive (or 10min by helicopter for the filthy rich!) from Wellington just outside of the small town of Featherston. Its a shame we didn't stay an extra night but at $600NZ a night per person and $300NZ for a four course dinner for two its definitely something you need to plan ahead for financially (although its probably small change for well heeled American or European travellers) ! After a night you actually feel like you belong rather than just being an observer in an opulant setting - plus they have a number of activities to while away your day which you can't really take advantage of if you arrive late on a winters day.

We got a guided tour on arrival - through the grounds and indoor pool & gym. While we walked out onto the main grounds a helicoptor landed to pick up some wealthy looking types and ferry them back to Wellington. Certainly an insight into how the other-half live.

I think the nicest thing about the place was the way in which the staff made you feel at home - we've stayed in a lot of different places and you always feel like you're imposing (I think feeling uncomfortable about being served is a Kiwi thing). At Wharekauhau the staff were low-key, warm and friendly - its a lot like staying at a wealthy mates holiday home rather than a luxury hotel.

So if you feel like some pampering give the Lodge a try. If we won Lotto we'd definitely be back ;-)

PS - Word of warning: they'll happily deliver your bags to your room and park your car so be sure to clean your car and make sure your stuff isn't spread all over its interior :-) Our Pugeot 205 was littered with the the usual junk associated with a well used car. I'm sure their regular clientele use much cleaner forms of transportation :-)

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