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Jun 11, 2007

LazyWeb - Run Book

There used to be an active site called LazyWeb. The idea being that if you had an idea whose time was due but you didn't have the time, skills, motivation or resources to implement it.

So you'd put the idea out to the wider InterWeb on the basis that someone out there might know the answer or be able to implement it better than you could.

The site itself doesn't seem to have seen much action since 2006 but the idea is still sound.

Anyway . . . its a good excuse for me to put my stupid ideas out there in the tenuous hope that someone might go "ooo thats a good idea . . . I'll implement that".

After much fruitless searching I can't seem to find a half decent run-book anywhere. The closest I've come is Suns i-RunBook - looks good but its stupidly expensive and appears Sun-centric.

So if some nice person could create a simple php/mysql app which lets you add servers and network gear into a simple asset register with room for additional information like installed applications, startup/shutdown information that would be great.

You could even create a commercial version which integrated into Nagios. That way your host definitions and application dependency information comes from your run book.

Come to think of it you could do some cool stuff around layering value add tools such as Nagios and MRTG/Cactii on top of the run book too. That way you get system information coupled to availability and performance information too.

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