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Mar 22, 2005


I have an Acorn PocketBook II - essentially a rebadged Psion 3a.

Even though Psion got out of the PDA business a couple of years ago it is interesting to see that they are still held in fairly high regard and still seem to sell well on the web.

Psion devices fall into three broad categories

  • 1. Basic Organisers (Organiser/OrganiserII)
  • 2. SIBO Devices (Series 3/3a/3c/3mx/Sienna)
  • 3. EPOC Devices (Revo/Revo+/5/5mx/NetBook)

Of which the EPOC devices were the last and most powerful. In fact EPOC still exists via the Symbian collective and features in a few cellphone operating systems.

A comprehensive history of Psion PDA's is available here.

Eric Lindsay has a nice roundup of Psion PDA's, software and links.

The Psience5 site has more links to articles and discontinued software for the Psion range.

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