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Feb 10, 2005

AIX Logical Volume Manager

Allocating disk space on an IBM AIX machine

In this example we'll be increasing the amount of /tmp space available.

You can use a Calculator to fine tune the allocation process (you don't accidentally want to allocate all the remaining space to a file system so start conservatively and increase file system size on request) but this example uses basic approximation.

I'm sure theres a much simpler way to do this for serious AIX types but if you're a 'dabbler' then this process works for me.

Disk Space Before

bash-2.00# df -k /tmp

Filesystem 1024-blocks Free %Used Iused %Iused Mounted on

/dev/hd3 196608 172020 13% 256 1% /tmp


1. Login

2. Depending on your terminal emulation you may want to issue a TERM=vt100 (or similar) so SMIT (IBM System Management Utility) works properly in text mode

3. Start smit - the important keys that you will use are F3 to Cancel an Operation and F4 to List Options; arrow keys will allow you to move up and down through menu options - if you find that the function keys don't work, use esc- sequences instead.

4. Select System Storage Management

5. First we need to allocate more LP's (logical partitions) to the /tmp filesystem

a) Logical Volume Manager

b) Set Characteristics of a Logical Volume

c) Increase the Size of a Logical Volume

d) Hit F4 to list the Volumes and select /tmp

e) Bump up the Number of Additional logical partitions

f) Hit Enter to commit and action the changes - you should get a Command: OK

6. Increase the actual partition size

Hit F3 to escape back to the initial System Storage Management screen

a) Select File Systems

b) Select Add / Change / Show / Delete File Systems

c) Select JFS (unless you know the file system has a different format)

d) Change / Show Characteristics of a JFS You should get a pop up list of available file systems; select /tmp

e) Bump up the Size of file system

f) Hit Enter to commit and action the changes; you should see a Command: OK and the new file system size

Disk Space After

bash-2.00# df -k /tmp

Filesystem 1024-blocks Free %Used Iused %Iused Mounted on

/dev/hd3 262144 235496 11% 256 1% /tmp


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