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Jan 31, 2007

Simple Way to Find Which Role is on Which Domain Controller

I'm sure there's a better way to do this but this works for me -

If you need to find which FSMO roles are held by which Domain Controllers, install the Server Support Tools from the Server CD.

Then run replmon.exe, add in your DC's and you can check replication status on various Active Directory objects. If you select the Properties for a DC you can view which DC in the domain holds a particular FSMO role.

Some more info on replmon.exe:

* Microsoft's Replmon Reference

* Replmon How-to

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Mar 14, 2005

Misc AD Tips

A look at Profile & Folder Redirection.

Troubleshooting Group Policy with the GP Management Console.

Understanding Administrative Templates.

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Mar 08, 2004

Useful Active Directory Links

Some Sample Code from O'Reillys Active Directory Cookbook

Two articles on using php and perl to access AD at

Sample Code from Realmen Don't Click

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