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May 02, 2006

This week I have mostly been listening to . . .

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Top Ten Lies Software Engineers Tell + More

Amusing and probably very true - Top Ten Lies Software Engineers Tell. I love # 9 - "We can do this faster, cheaper, and better with an offshore programming team in India".

Looks like Dr Who's K9 will get his own show.

Another in the ongoing series - My Sysadmin Toolbox. Apt-cacher sounds really handy if you don't want to run up a full Debian repository mirror.

At last - Catapult - record video direct to your iPod (or any other storage device) from your DV Camera.

Security - Hacking apps that will run from a thumb-drive. Ideally someone would put these into a Qemu DSL image - run your own mini-hacking distro via USB stick.

Living space in a double decker bus.

Nintendo - The glory is the game. I'm not much of a gamer but by all accounts Nintendos focus has always been fun gaming over fancy technologies (cf Sony PS3 & Microsofts Xbox).

Crooked Timber posts about blogs and languages. Amazing to see the prevalence of Japanese & Chinese Language blogs. I guess it would be naive to think otherwise given the relative populations and Japans hi-tech society.

Excellent - Mac version of the Lego Mindstorm NXT will soon be available and open-source. Years ago I used LabView for instrument virtualisation with a DAC card in a Mac IIci for my Uni honours project - it seems a no-brainer to leverage it for Lego.

Free online book - How to find lost objects. I'm forever losing useful things - mainly my pocket knife and my glasses.

Drunkenbatman continues his diatribe against the dire state of OS X security and Apples lackidaisical - Everything is under control. Not.

An excellent article on the ease of use of ZFS over RAID for an end-user rather than a server admin - Why use ZFS for home ? Pertinant given recent discussion over the possibility of porting ZFS to the Mac.

Reasonably terrifying - The Attack on Iran: Why now?. Why ever ? Not entirely sure why using the 'big-stick' approach is ever likely to work given the nature and success of internal insurgency within Afghanistan and Iraq. The US better have a smarter approach to dealing with Iran than invasion or the world will become a much much scarier place.

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