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Jan 04, 2007

First Links of 2007

First links of 2007 -

From the other side - Visiting an offshore training camp for developers. Certainly a new insight into outsourcing.

Fantastic Apple/Nintendo collaboration spoof - Podfondo.

Via the Kircher Society comes Jim Bumgardner’s Time Graphs - these are Flickr infographs graphing photos via date/time metadata. Pretty nifty.

Be your own shrink - Solutions for ten commen psychological problems. A bit pop-psy but some of the advice particularly when it comes to interacting with people are spot-on.

Handy - What does 200 calories look like ?. Some other well written answers to interesting questions on the same site too.

Chocolate - an in depth investigation (its a ten part article!) into one of the worlds most expensive choccies - What's Noka Worth ? This stuff can be up to $1700USD a pound depending on how you take it. If you're not a chocoholic the verdict is that its worth what people are willing to pay for it (although Noka appears to have some false advertising which makes it seem more exclusive than it actually is) but there are much much cheaper alternatives which are just as good.

If you're after turntable accessories try Turntable Basics. Linked off here is a work of true technical beauty - the Redpoint Turntable is amazing. The arm-pods and belt-drives are isolated from the platter - hideously expensive but excellent engineering.

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