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May 05, 2006

Why a great programmer is worth 50 good ones + More

Interesting - Why a great programmer is worth 50 good ones. It must be tough wrangling developers and software projects. Sure one shit-hot programmer is worth 50 good ones but what happens when the person leaves ?

Handy Linux/Unix tip - Advanced 'find'.

Amusing - List of Sci-Fi Cliches.

The Guardian Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies

The Onion AV Club covers this summers new releases - Dire state of this years upcoming Movies.

Wow - Fast network gear! 30Gb/s on each port!

Nostalgia - Pressplayontape is a band which plays Commodore 64 game music. Load "*", 8, 1

Amusing - Panic Ripoffs. Panic make great OS X software and this page collects some interesting rip-offs of their software art.

Amazing sketches - Human Camera.

It had to happen - Pimp My Laptop. Certainly catchier than 'a sticker for your laptop lid'. Not as nice as the Colorware stuff either.

Handy - OS X Automator Tips. Don't think I do anything often enough to automate though.

Two nifty (and small) Linux boxes - KuroBox and the SpaceCube. The SpaceCube in particular almost looks like you could use it as a key-chain fob.

Two tools to help you keep an eye on your server / network health and well being - Zabbix and Monit/Munin.

Beatiful images from Nasa - Stars & Galaxies Wallpaper.

Interesting - What do you put on your USB key ? Hadn't thought of putting a contact address on there before - makes sense if you mis-place it though.

Office Space paraphenalia - Damn it feels good to be a gangster. Gear looks a little tacky but like the plethora of 'Vote Pedro' t-shirts it does appeal to a certain kind of person :-)

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