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May 09, 2006

Chime + More

Chime is a DTrace Visualiser for Solaris. Looks handy. On a related note this Interview with DTrace Guru Jarod Jenson would seem to indicate that the DTrace tool has a lot to offer Solaris developers - Jarod points to an example where DTrace helped speed up customer code by a factor of 50!

Nifty - a tool to help Test your firewall.

Well said - Why the One Laptop per Child Project Matters. Giving kids the tools to study, collaborate and innovate is an admirable goal - Bill Gates (and others) harping on about mobile phones misses the point.

Mark Pilgrim is seeking backup advice after having to recover 600Gb of vital data.

All over the interweb - Vim 7 has been released. Die emacs die :-)

Creating your own Fedora patched repository - Updated FC5 Network Install. The comment at the end about using boot.iso looks really handy.

The Korean Times covers the new disk technology from Samsung which promises near instant startup Instant Booting Comes Close to a Reality. It has to be said that involving Microsoft can't be a good thing. Watching an iMate KJam boot Windows PocketPC Edition is depressing - its a phone for gods-sake - I need it to start instantly!

The Times covers Nintendos Wii (nee Revolution). Looks like a fun console.

JoyStiq covers theE3 Sony PS3 Launch. The graphics look incredible - although wether the games will be any good or not is a different matter . . .

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