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May 12, 2006

Network Security & Monitoring Tools + More

Handy - Network Security and Monitoring Tools.

Looks good - Selenium - Firefox automation extension. Handy for repeating operations on websites or for testing new sites.

Coverage of the Nintendo Wii Event at E3.

Engadget interview Computer Console God Shigeru Miyamoto.

Images of the Opera Browser on the Nintendo DS.

AnandTech also goes to E3 and provides coverage of Nintendo Wii and Dells Gamer Hardware.

Viral Marketing Proposal to create some Exchange vs Notes video clips.

I'd love to see someone use these phrases - Japanese Gangsta Rap Translation Guide.

Recently the micro vs monolithic kernel (essentially Tanenbaum vs Torvalds) debate reared its head again - heres a pro micro take on things.

Useful - Linux How-to Guides. Covers a variety of topics and each one is mercifully short and to the point.

One mans quest to purchase Sun and HP gear - The Sun Doesn't Shine on Me. And how Dell kicked the other vendors asses with a superior sales model.

A great idea - Four Day Week.

Handy - CSS Templates and Guides.

Part two of an essential series - The Heart of Your DRBC Plan. DRBC is Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.

Launchbar / Quicksilver knock-off for Windows - Launchy. Its free and its means I can minimise my mouse activity and launch apps via the keyboard.

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