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May 16, 2006

MacBook Released + More

Finally - MacBook. Silly name but a nice looking machine. Available in black too. Time to upgrade my iBook I think.

True - How email responsiveness can help your professional reputation.

Useful - Shell 'Bang' commands.

Handy - Apps which run off your USB key. Includes a portable XAMPP - a full apache, php, sql install.

View and compare web font styles with Typetester.

Amusing - Everybody says get a Nintendo Wii. Its almost as if Microsoft & Sony are telling people the Wii will be more fun and cheaper but ours will do more stuff (that most people will not use...)

Might be good - 300. Frank Millers graphic novel '300' is being given the movie treatment. Its about the 300 spartans fighting to hold back the persians at Thermopylae. If you're interested in ancient history and this particular event you have to read 'Gates of Fire' by Steven Pressfield.

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Its a Double-U

This seems to be a uniquely Kiwi thing that I've come to despise but when anyone reads or describes a web address they invariably start with 'dub dub dub' (to which I'm always tempted to say 'three men in a tub').

Granted the 'www' prefix is largely superfluous in terms of routing to the correct site these days but it is still a 'double-u' not a 'dub'.

To dub is a copy/subtitle or bestow an honour or its a musical genre.


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