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May 18, 2006

I See Dumb People + More

OK so I know that this is really only something that appeals to a jaded IT support person but this t-shirt is genius - I see dumb people. Yes I know its patronising but sometimes you just have to vent . . .

This type of single purpose device is really appealing - especially when Nokia provide ongoing soft-updates - 770 Tablet. The new update apparently provides a better onscreen keyboard and GoogleTalk - some nice screenshots over at this 770 community site.

The last free version of PGP was 8.1 - some useful information on where to get it and how to use it over at tinyapps. Some good stuff over here at too. As someone else pointed out (Tim Bray?) - in this day and age everyone should encrypt and compress attachments. Digital signing is also one of those things that we should do (but most of us don't).

A first look at the new MacBook over at Macworld. The keyboard still seems a little odd - I remember years ago when the Duo PowerBook had all sorts of keyboard issues - my Duo 230 went through 2 of them. I guess we'll see what people think over the coming months.

Looks quite different - Managing Tasks & Processes in Windows Vista.

On an artistic note - Jim Woodring has a blog (he did the art for one of Bill Frisells albums I like.

Also Nina Paley updates her Flash series 'Sita Sings the Blues' - essentially tales from the Ramayana animated in Flash with a blues soundtrack. Pretty awesome.

Via Boing Boing - video footage of the John Cale & Lou Reed performing Heroin & Femme Fatale in Paris in '72. Includes Nico too.

Nifty - Ren & Stimpy creatorJohn Kricfalusi teaches you how to draw cartoons using examples from classic Warner Brothers cartoons.

Reminiscences - a brief Metafilter note on email applications. I'd forgotten about the 'email to fax gateway' or 'web to email service'. Or even the webs precursors Archie & Gopher.

Interesting and depressing - Top 10 Worst Corporations of 2005 compare with the Top 10 Worst Corporations of 2004. Chem & Pharma companies seem to feature prominantly.

On a final down note - My Lai II. As per one of the comments in the thread - 'what a cluster-fuck'. Seriously. Stop pissing about in other peoples countries and pretend its for their own good.

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Siones Wedding

Best Kiwi comedy I've seen in many many years - Siones Wedding.

As a rule Kiwi comedy is almost universally dire - Kiwis themselves can be pretty funny but put them in front of a camera and the result will be largely cringe-worthy.

I guess the fact that Siones Wedding is put together by Pacific Islanders (Auckland actually has the largest Pacific Island population in the Pacific) means we get a fresh new twist on life in NZ. The movie itself is a pretty good take on the old 'men forced to grow up and act their age' - banned from their friends wedding by the community priest until they can bring respectable partners to the wedding and show some responsilble behaviour.

More information over at IMDB.

Hopefully this film sees a wider release than NZ, Aus and the Islands as it has a pretty universal appeal.

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