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May 23, 2006

Inflatable Buildings + More

Neat - Wonderful Inflatable Office Space. If you've ever read the Julian Mays 'The Saga of the Exiles' series you'll remember the fantastic 'pocket' buildings that could be easily carried and inflate anywhere.

More on the greatness of Nintendo - New Mario Is Best DS Game Ever. I'd love a DS - my GBA is great fun but it would be nice if I could find some good shooters for it - something like these crazy Japanese bullet-hell games.

Nifty - Seenonslash. Amusing comments seen on slashdot. Slashdot itself has become a fairly dull place with a really bad signal to noise ratio for the past few years. Its nice to see the meta-meme pulling something humourous come out of it. The rubber-chicken comment (even if apocryphal) is great.

Fast OS switching - OS X on a MacBook running OS X, Ubuntu and Windows XP. Nothing new to VirtualPC or VMWare users but still pretty funky.

iTunes like audio player for Linux - Banshee.

Very cool - Business card circuit board complete with prototyping area. And I thought cdrom business cards were neat.

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) - Pictures of the pre-production version. No crank handle and its orange not green.

Microsoft may consider following their own advice and implement UAC.

For ska fans - Two tone keyboard.

If you like the keyboard launch capability of Quicksilver but don't use the other features you may like the simplicity of Namely.

The Onion AV Club declares the worst show on TV. Sounds evil. Not just bad but evil.

Useful - Skype RJ11 Adaptor. Skype sounds cool - people actually use it too. I always find this type of thing gimmicky (anyone remember CU-SeeMe back in '92 ?) but Skype seems to have real momentum.

Momus - The Dead Formats Society. "Archiving represents both attempting to preserve something to be remembered and leaving out something to be forgotten."

A comparison - Mac vs PC development for the same application. Phanfare developed a Mac and Windows client for their service and this is one developers view of the Visual Studio .Net IDE and XCode IDE.

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