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May 29, 2006

Making of the Thunderbirds + More

A bumper crop of links -

Excellent bit of nostalgia - Making of the Thunderbirds.

A nice article on FreeNAS.

Ed Brill (Mr Lotus Notes) lambasts this Exchange E12 Review - E12 looks to be a major PITA to implement (then again none of the Exchange server upgrades look like they were anything other than supremely annoying). On the other hand Domino server installs have always been fairly painless and while adding features have consistantly performed better on the same hardware. Ed also points to this very useful IBM Redbook on the Lotus Notes SmartUpgrade feature to automate Notes client upgrades.

Lovely - Port to Everything. Ambrosia are cool - from their very first cult Mac game 'Maelstrom' through to their latest stuff. The fact that their coders have made Apeiron (kind of like a super-centipede in the way that Maelstrom was a super-asteroids) work with everything from old colour Motorola 680x0 based Mac through all the PowerPC stuff and OS X on PowerPC and Intel.

Looks like an excellent way to add screen real-estate - Matrox TripleHead2Go. A desktop spanning three monitors would be awesome.

Useful - Decentralized Patch Management and on the same site TCPIP Networking in Vista.

If you've ever used RISC OS on Acorns Archimedes PC's then you might like to try RISC OS Desktop for Linux - ROX. RISC OS had a drag & drop philosophy for file operations - need to save a new file - just drag the icon to the save location.

Some interesting insight - iSCSI for Exchange. Shame about the oddball licensing - you'd think if you bought the product you should just be able to use it without the need for extra license keys.

Picasa related news - Picasa ported to Linux and Porting notes on the WINE list. If you need a free iPhoto type app on the PC, Picasa is pretty awesome.

The backlash begins - Just give me a simple phone. On holiday recently my fancy work phone ran down within 2 days (it didn't help that I got paged via SMS for every helpdesk call) - I popped the SIM into my 5 year old Ericcson T28 and was able to function quite happily on a single charge for another week and a half.

Nice time waster - Damn Interesting is like a low-brow Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society. If you're a fan of 'strange but true' tales these sites are great.

An oldy but a goody - Distributed cfengine.

Those used to the open-by-default security in NT4 & 2000 Server will be pleasantly surprised by some of the improvements - Changes to Windows 2003 Default Security.

Handy - roll your own DSL - Remastering Damn Small Linux.

Nifty - Graph a website.

Like Sudo & CFEngine the Enterprise Audit Shell looks very handy for a large Unix/Linux infrastructure. I particularly like the ability to replay a shell session.

Handy Unix/Linux reference - Basic Cron.

Monopolistic Telcos beware - Fantastic Telecom Ad Piss-take. Pointer to Youtube video here. Interesting to see Telecom struggling to can the video too. Apparently the company have had the capability and capacity to roll out almost any service (VoIP, Video on demand/Video telephony, Streamed TV, multiple IP connections etc)you could imagine through their existing infrastructure and their local-loop monopoly - but they've been trickle feeding these out to people while charging an arm & a leg for the service. Now the government is releasing the local-loop monopoly we should see some service and pricing improvements - particularly with respect to broadband.

Handy OSX reference - What are all those OSX Background Processes ?

Something we all know but its shocking all the same - US Incarceration Rates. There are links to their murder rates too which are equally nasty.

Funky - Boolean Circuit Design with Quartz Composer. Creating flip flops & counters using the boolean logic in an OS X Xcode tool (Quartz Composer).

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