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Jul 06, 2006

Solaris 10 Update 2 + More

Get it - Solaris 10 update 2 released. Really need to get this installed so I can play around with zfs.

Handy - Automating Local Admin Password Changes. Useful tips on setting a standard local admin password across your PC's and laptops.

Nice guide to Apples Automator.

Interesting - Firewall Leak Tests Revealed. Shame they didn't test the Checkpoint personal firewall. Also the winner hasn't been updated in awhile.

Low cost option - ATA over Ethernet. Cheaper than iSCSI or Fibre Channel (obviously it has more limitations too).

Interesting - Darkroom is a full screen green on black text editor for Windows. Limits the distractions and procrastination potential of a modern GUI.

Useful - SSH Tricks.

Flashback - Classic Gaming. I could never afford all the 20c coin required to get proficient at Asteroids or Space Invaders.

Good ideas - Business Card Best Practises. The coolest one I've seen has been a stamped steel card made to look like a license plate. Someone really needs to make one with a sandpaper side - get noticed and destroy your competition simultaneously :-)

Interesting - Ten most beautiful OS X applications. I think most people are over the application visuals - if the app adheres to standard interface design and is relatively non-intrusive then it will just work. Having said that Delicious Library (the winner) is a great application - I'd almost buy a barcode scanner to enter my media collection into DL.

Some Kiwi news -

Go the All Blacks - Handbags at 10 Paces. Be sure to watch the video. Hopefull we destroy the Aussies.

Five days of solid raid in the lower North Island leads to Flooding. Fantastically bad weather this week.

A flashback to the days of the 36c Beer. The last time unemployment in NZ was so low was 1982 - back when I was 12 :-)

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A Kiwi company developed Aftermail which Quest (of Toad fame) acquired in Jan 2006.

Its great - it archives/captures all inbound/outbound email and makes it available via a web interface.

A little Big Brother esque but given an organisations email is owned by the org then archiving it for safe keeping and future reference can only but help keep track of valuable information. You can then just backup Aftermail instead of peoples mailfiles - which they can access themselves anyway should they need to reference something they've since deleted (or had corrupted).

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Notes Goodness

A colleague from Cambridge (Hi Chris!) pointed to an interesting piece of pro-Notes news - You’ll Pry Lotus Notes Out Of Their Cold, Dead Hands. Lotus Notes really is a brilliant app once you get over its interface quirks.

Handy - Ed Brill points to a powerpoint presentation chock full of Lotus Notes client tips. Alan Lepofsky has plenty of other useful Notes advice on his site too.

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