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Jul 11, 2006

Thumper + More

Wow! Sun release the Thumper X4500. Up to 24 Terabytes of ZFS'd data in 4U. This thing must run pretty hot and weigh a ton !

Excellent look at The Power of Data Visualisation. Informational tidbit - “The US Institute of Peace receives 27 million dollars next year. The Defence Department receives 560 … billion.”

Useful advice - Here's how to handle a drunken chav. Wikipedia definition of a chav or chavette.

Jeremy Clarkson writes about a recent American interlude Arrested for Looking Wierd. Poor Stig. Jeremy is a funny funny man. To see him knocked down a peg or two you really need to see Trinny & Susannah give him a make over in their 'What Not to Wear' show.

My new workplace uses VOIP (a Mitel based system) so this is kind of useful for beginners - VOIP in the Enterprise.

A good read - Why Do Laptops Schlep Such Data?. People often carry their lifes work on a laptop with little regard for the safety, security and integrity of both their personal information and the organisations.

Review - Parallels Desktop. Virtual Machine system for Intel Based Mac's. If I had one I'd use it :-)

Flashback - The Tomorrow People. I used to really enjoy this show along with 'Dr Who' and 'Saphire and Steel'. Also some interesting links in there to studies which show tv stunts learning in children.

A nice article over at Damn Interesting on Nikolai Tesla. Theres a great bit in Coffee and Cigerettes with the Jack White of the White Stripes demonstrating a home made Tesla Coil to an unimpressed Meg White.

Yet another OS X application list - OS X Software for Switchers. A few I hadn't heard of before

Something I'd like to know more about - Intrusion Detection with Base & Snort.

Clever - Beer Bottle Bricks. Its a shame this didn't take off. Bottles make for fantastic buildings.

Ed Brill points to an article where a CIO voices concerns about Vista and Office 2007 - Bartercard CIO Unconvinced by Vista/Office.

Looks promising - Elisa an open source media center tool.

Microsoft releases Private Folder App. I think I prefer TrueCrypt. There is some wailing and gnashing of teeth as admins worry about the security of corporate date being locked away for ever when people forget their passwords or end up with curruption.

If someone came up with a web based Office suite incorporating a CMS/DMS system it may obviate the need for Office and offline data (except for an export). People could edit via the web and then hit publish to have it auto format to suit some pre-defined template (like TeX) and then print or export as text, word, html, pdf - the system would keep track of revisions and be fully searchable. Then the info would stay in one place and could easily be retasked for whatever flavour is required. Maybe one day :-)

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Exchange Tips

It looks like I'll never leave Exchange land - so I'm on the hunt for as many tips and bits of information as I can get. The MS Exchange Blog contains all sorts of useful goodies.

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Lotus Notes on Linux

Ed Brill covers the new Notes on Linux. Should be cool.

ArsTechnica covers the same Notes on Linux and brings up the hoary old entry in 'Interface Hall of Shame'.

Interesting discussion in the forums - people can be a little myopic about email and groupware. Integrated Email & Calendaring is not Groupware - what people fail to realise is that Notes/Domino allows for a much higher degree of collaboration than its competitors (Exchange and Groupwise) and does it in a way that actually makes some kind of sense from an IT perspective.

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