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Feb 09, 2007

Canon Lens Assembly + More

Amazing - How Canon Lenses Are Made. Tour of the assembly process from silaca to completed lens - no wonder these things are so expensive.

OLPC - Bitfrost Security System for the One Laptop Per Child Project.

Freeware remote control application for your Mac - iRedLite.

Interesting - How to hide money from burglers. Don't think I have enough money to leave around to be found let alone to hide anywhere other than a bank.

Cool - Time lapse images of classic 80's arcade games.

Classic space art - Robert McCall. His images seem to have appeared in a huge number of books from the late 70's and 80's.

Useful - Word Processor Reviews.

At last - VMWare release their P2V application for free.

Useful - Laying the groundwork for Vista. I'm sure many IT shops will be looking forward to revamping their current standard desktop installation. Heres a reference to Microsofts deployment tool for Office 2007 too (you don't use the old ORK anymore).

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