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May 09, 2007

Humourous Embroidery + More

Check the awesome embroidery on these womens shirts - Lochers Collection. Be sure to view the other designs and zoom to see the stitching. Certainly a twist on the average humourous t-shirt!

Funky - Plane shaped C code for a flight-sim. Details on making it are here.

Useful tips - Top 10 Things Sysadmins Forget To Do. The USB stick paranoia is an odd one - even a floppy disk will store hundreds of documents and can act as a virus vector.

Handy - 10 Simple Knots

Cardboard radio-enabled homeless shelter - Shellhouse.

Interesting figures - Load Testing Virtualisation Performance. A VMWare seminar I attended had many real world examples of people using ESX to host external and internal servers on the same hardware using the internal virtual switches - performance was adequate for their needs. Our new ESX server will be used for dev primarily but we're hoping to get another to host some prod systems.

Looks good - Metasploit. Automated penetration testing tool.

For Domino admins - Best Practise Guides for Lotus Notes. Ed Brill also points to a review of the new SameTime client - Not the same old SameTime.

Crazy - Hydration Allowed: There’s Posh For You. Schools without playgrounds ?

Brilliant - Cools Business Cards.

Watch SpamTrap shred junk email!

Angrifying - Yezidi woman stoned to death in "honour killing". I thought we were in the 21st century ?

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