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Jul 12, 2007

Mobile Extension & Teleworker

We put in two key MiTel servers this week - Mobile Extension and Teleworker.

Mobex lets you twin your internal phone extension to any other phone number (usually a mobile phone but it could be an analog phone) - its like a fancy phone forward. Essentially the Mobex server creates a conference call between the two phones so at any time you can transfer or pickup the call on the other twinned phone. Very useful for travelling staff - it also means you can publish a single number on your business card that will get you where-ever you are.

Teleworker lets you remote boot a VoIP phone from anywhere on the internet - ideal for people working from home or colocated working through a broadband connection. The phone itself does the QoS (your PC connects via the phone) so it will always prioritise the voice traffic over data if you're in a call. Your phone works exactly the same as an internal extension, you can associate it with any PABX controller and you can even get a local analog breakout module to allow local calls.

Interestingly both Mobex and Teleworker are based on CentOS (RedHat derivative) and act as appliances - most configuration is done via a web interface. A bit of a departure from MiTels other add-on application servers which are primarily Windows based.

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