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Jan 09, 2007

Apple Goodies

Apart from the iPhone, Apple also gave more details on its AppleTV.

I guess once you switch to an essentially x86 PC architecture you've got to start coming up with some other ways to innovate. Hopefully this diversification won't affect Apples core business areas (Mac OS X & Macintosh hardware).

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From MacWorld 2007 - iPhone.

I wonder how good/bad it will be ? Looks promising so far.

Big risk for a small company (comparitively speaking of course) to get distracted by telephony . . .

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How IT Execs Sell Out Their Organizations + More

Interesting - How IT Execs Sell Out Their Organizations. Most IT shops have a direction favoured by their CIO (eg open-source vs proprietary, off the shelf vs developed in-house, insource vs outsource etc) - some CIO's can be pretty flexible and will look for the best-fit - others can be pretty dogmatic.

Fascinating - Why blurring sensitive information is a bad idea. Because its simple (if you're mathematically inclined) to reverse the blur. I have heard that similar techniques can be used to retrieve serial numbers filed off weapons used in criminal activity.

Interesting - Things you need to know before interviewing for a game programming position.

Security - NSA's latest security guide for Operating Systems.

Life as a shareware developer - The life and drama of a Mac shareware developer. Interesting to see the dichotomy between people complaining about price increases versus sales increasing as the price went up - to the majority of people that actually used the application it was worth the increased cost. Also a cautionary tale of a Mac developer whose plan to sell his application went sour and since released it as freeware - xPad.

Insight into how Jobs thinks - What Jobs told me on the iPhone. Also why its unlikely they'll announce a Tablet anytime soon. For that keep an eye on the OWC/Axiotron announcement.

Similar thinking from NetApp & EMC - The Year of iSCSI.

CES goodies - Sony TP1 (Toilet Paper 1 ? wtf !?), a black OQO 2, the Nokia 800.

I can barely play 'twinkle twinkle little star' - for those with more skill check out The 100 Greatest Riff Guitar TAB's.

Dana Epp points to an interesting Microsoft Security video article - Defending Layer 8: How to recognize and combat social engineering.

Microsoft announced some goodies at CES - including their Home Server OS. Heres a brief article about contrasting styles - Apple vs Microsoft / Style vs Substance.

Don't forget to play MacWorld 2007 Buzzword Bingo - lets see what Mr Jobs has lined up for the faithful today. Ars is also running a live blog of the Keynote.

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Solaris ZFS Tips & Tricks

Configure the /devices directory to make physical disks available for use:

# drvconfig

Creates /dev entries for hard disks attached to the system:

# disks

List available disks and format them:

# format

You can activate the ZFS web gui:

# /usr/sbin/smcwebserver start

Access it via your browser:


Create a mirrored disk:

/usr/sbin/zpool create -f testfs mirror c0d1 c1d1

Replace device in mirror:

/usr/sbin/zpool replace -f testfs c1d1

Create the snapshot:

/usr/sbin/zfs snapshot testfs@test_snap

Access a snapshot through the .zfs/snapshot directory at the root of the filesystem.

Excellent ZFS cheat-sheet over at Unix Admin Corner.

A useful step-through for adding disks to Solaris over at KernelTrap.

Great blog with tips on using Zones with ZFS and securing your Solaris system - Clingan.

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