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Feb 14, 2007

Solaris Telnet Exploit + More

Interesting - Insight into how the Solaris Telnet exploit was fixed. Good to see them turn it around so quickly.

Offline application support via Firefox 3 - demo of Offline Zimbra (webmail client).

Funny - Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) compares Irony in the UK & US. Also a great (and humorous) article on NYC Etiquette.

More humour in the form of Complaints Choirs.

New chip - IBM's Power 6. Looks like a beast. Also news on Suns Niagra 2 and Intels 80 core teraflop chip.

Wonderful - some great trick photography.

Awesome - Star Wars Lego lust. The new Falcon looks amazing. Definitely toys for boys with big bank balances according to the Lego shop!

Great procrastination site - LineRider. To see the it pushed to the limit check out this - extreme lineliding clip.

Chris points out that Mac Laptop Docking is Expensive. Not since the old Duo line has Apple come up with a dockable solution - it looks like there are some other options particularly if you have a MacBook Pro with ExpressCard socket - Belkins HighSpeedDock and more at ExpressCard's promo site. The ability to add a PCI cage to your laptop would offer unlimited expansion for hardcore users.

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