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Jul 13, 2007

The Dukes Gaffes + More

Google map of the Duke of Edinburgh gaffes. "Oh no, I might catch some ghastly disease". Genius.

Wow - Apple Buys CUPS! Puts a new spin on Unix printing.

I'll have to give this a go - Sun ODF Plug-in 1.0 for Microsoft Office Available.

Looks like Sun is going after the high end with their Constellation class systems - Sun Constellation System: Petascale Computing Done Right and their CEO pitches in with Switching Subjects.

I need to get the ROM off my Newton so I can try Open Newton - If iPhone is too closed, try Newton.

Looks like the definitive review - ArsTechnica iPhone Review.

This pack looks to flimsy - Gossamer Whisper Uberlight Pack. Not convinced by the idea of using the sleeping mat for internal structure either. I guess it would suit the wide open spaces or Aus or the US . . .

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