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Jul 14, 2006


I had a quick look at a Metis report which led me to think that this is something a lot of organisations could use. This tool (which I suspect is pretty expensive) lets you map enterprise relationships.

At a very simple level (its suprising their aren't some open-source equivalents because the idea is so simple) you can create pools of services, servers and applications and then tie them together. That way you can use it as an asset list of servers, operating systems, applications, services, run book and change management system. When you decide to upgrade servers you can immediately see the list of affected services or if you want to update your application (eg Oracle) you can see the list of affected hardware and services the database upgrade will impact upon.

One of those things that seems so simple but also really really useful for planning and tracking IT resources and services.

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Pre War Blues

If you like old Jazz/Blues check out Honey - Where You Been So Long ?

They feature unreleased mp3's from the pre-war period for free download.

I have a Leadbelly CD which I bought out of curiosity one day and actually quite enjoy now so I'll have to start grabbing some of these to check out similar stuff.

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Butthole Surfers Live + Brian Jonestown Massacre Albums Available as free MP3's

Links culled from this Metafilter post.

* Butthole Surfers - Double Live

I have Live PCPPEP and Hairway to Steven on vinyl so these will be a welcome addition. Personally I think they stopped being any good after Widowermaker.

* Brian Jonestown Massacre - all of their albums available for free. I'll have to give them a listen - I'd heard a lot about them but never heard any of their stuff. I also need to check out Dig! - comparing the ups and downs of BJM with their colleagues The Dandy Warhols.

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Where Vista Stores Your Notes Info

Odd - Windows Vista And Lotus Notes - stores personal data in 'c:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Lotus\Notes\...'

I wonder how many applications this will break or how many people this will confuse ? The 'Users' thing is almost a throwback to the NT4 days. I liked keeping things in 'c:\lotus\' or at least in the login profile.

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