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Jan 08, 2007

How IT Execs Sell Out Their Organizations + More

Interesting - How IT Execs Sell Out Their Organizations. Most IT shops have a direction favoured by their CIO (eg open-source vs proprietary, off the shelf vs developed in-house, insource vs outsource etc) - some CIO's can be pretty flexible and will look for the best-fit - others can be pretty dogmatic.

Fascinating - Why blurring sensitive information is a bad idea. Because its simple (if you're mathematically inclined) to reverse the blur. I have heard that similar techniques can be used to retrieve serial numbers filed off weapons used in criminal activity.

Interesting - Things you need to know before interviewing for a game programming position.

Security - NSA's latest security guide for Operating Systems.

Life as a shareware developer - The life and drama of a Mac shareware developer. Interesting to see the dichotomy between people complaining about price increases versus sales increasing as the price went up - to the majority of people that actually used the application it was worth the increased cost. Also a cautionary tale of a Mac developer whose plan to sell his application went sour and since released it as freeware - xPad.

Insight into how Jobs thinks - What Jobs told me on the iPhone. Also why its unlikely they'll announce a Tablet anytime soon. For that keep an eye on the OWC/Axiotron announcement.

Similar thinking from NetApp & EMC - The Year of iSCSI.

CES goodies - Sony TP1 (Toilet Paper 1 ? wtf !?), a black OQO 2, the Nokia 800.

I can barely play 'twinkle twinkle little star' - for those with more skill check out The 100 Greatest Riff Guitar TAB's.

Dana Epp points to an interesting Microsoft Security video article - Defending Layer 8: How to recognize and combat social engineering.

Don't forget to play MacWorld 2007 Buzzword Bingo - lets see what Mr Jobs has lined up for the faithful today. Ars is also running a live blog of the Keynote.

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